The Future Of Real Estate Commissions

When it comes to real estate, it’s all about location. But when it comes to staging a home to sell the highest possible price, the importance of location applies to more than just the street.

The placement of your furniture and accessories can make or break a room and potentially even a sale.

Why it matter?

The look and feel of a space is created by the way the various items in that room are positioned. If you put them in the wrong place you can instantly diminish the overall appearance of the area, regardless of whether the items individually are stylish and on-trend.

Good placement, however, will have the opposite effect, to the point where even less attractive furniture located correctly around the room can produce amazing results.

About the Author
Sheila Etheridge
Born and raised in San Diego, Sheila Etheridge brings nearly two decades of local real estate experience, a deep love for the region, and a talent for building long-lasting client relationships. A top producer known for her stellar negotiation skills and astute market assessments, Sheila prides herself on helping clients from first-time homebuyers to savvy investors wanting to cultivate their real estate portfolios.

With a keen eye for quality design and potential home improvements, Sheila has remodeled many homes from the ground up. This skill serves buyers seeking a no-nonsense perspective on a potential purchase and sellers looking to position their home in the best possible light.

Prior to her career in real estate, Sheila earned a degree from San Diego State University and taught inner-city third grade. She then pursued her passion for education by completing graduate school and achieving a master's in curriculum and instruction. However, she ultimately decided to follow in her family's footsteps and continue working alongside her father, learning the ins and outs of the real estate business.

Sheila's family has a 45-year background in the real estate industry, encompassing loans, residential and commercial properties. This rich heritage inspired her to dig in and learn every facet of the business, from loans and mortgages to investing, closing deals, renovating, designing, flipping, and selling. With this broad knowledge and experience, Sheila knows exactly what needs to be done to help her clients achieve their end goals.

Whether it's finding the perfect home or maximizing the value of a property, Sheila Etheridge is committed to providing exceptional service, expert guidance, and unparalleled results to her clients in San Diego.